The intention is to allow more interested delegates, speakers and sponsors to onboard and to finalize with registration and business visas processing.

NAIROBI, Kenya: The Organizers of the Namibia-Kenya Trade and Investment Conference 2023, have adjusted the event’s dates from 1-2 June to 29-30 June. The intention is to allow more interested delegates, speakers and sponsors to onboard and to finalize with registration and business permit processing.

“We continue to receive a lot of interest even after the registration deadline elapsed. So, we have agreed to add four more weeks to allow us onboard new delegates and sponsors and process their business visas on time for the event,” stated Elvis Mboya, Founder and Co-convener.  

He added, “We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to those who registered on time and plead for your patience and understanding. We believe that the adjustment is in the best interest for all. We thank our organizing teams both in Kenya and Namibia for their tireless efforts to make sure that no one interested to attend is left behind.”

According to the organizers, even though the conference dates have been extended from 1-2 June to 29-30 June and new registration window ends on 2 June, the programme remains the same. Immediately after the conference [1-4 July], delegates will have the option to tour the country and site visit business premises they are interested to partner or collaborate with.

The organizers shall unveil the keynote speakers and new venue in due course.  

The conference, the first of it’s kind, that aims to enhance partnerships between Kenya-Namibia Business Community, has attracted about 600 traders who are currently merchandising, networking and matchmaking on the conference’s dedicated WhatsApp group, in readiness for the main event.

The conference, has received support from key government agencies and corporates including Ministry of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs – State Department for Diaspora Affairs, Kenya High Commission in Windhoek Namibia, Kingdom Bank [], a subsidiary of Cooperative Bank of Kenya, and Optiven Group [], a leading firm in Africa real estate sector, who are partnering and collaborating to ensure a successful event.

“We are extremely humbled to have received this level of support from top-tier institutions given that it’s our first time to organize an event of this magnitude. It instills confidence and validates the fact that this conference was long overdue,” Mboya said, adding that, “We are keeping the doors open for delegates and corporate speakers and sponsors from both countries who have expressed interest to come on board to make use of the new window that ends on 2 June.”

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The Namibia-Kenya Trade and Investment Conference 2023 seeks to attract finance and investment, build links among businesses and investors, and strengthen people-to-people trade between Namibians and Kenyans.

To enhance partnerships between Kenya-Namibia business community.  

Targeted attendees:
Kenya-Namibia business community including Namibians in Namibia, Kenyans in Kenya, Kenyans in Namibia, Namibians in Kenya, Namibian returnees from Kenya, Kenyan returnees from Namibia.

-The Conference WhatsApp platform has about 600 members from Kenya-Namibia Business Community, already networking and doing business.

Conference Topics
-Business opportunities in Kenya and Namibia (sectoral analysis),

-Business environment in Kenya and Namibia (regulatory framework),

-Strategies of having presence in either Kenya and Namibia (different business models),

-How to identify a potential business partner,

-How to package your business for readiness in engaging in intra Africa trade, 

-Sources of business finance both in Kenya and Namibia,

-Role of culture in cross-cultural / cross-border trade, and

-Matchmaking Sessions. 

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