The challenge is that many apps are clunky, inefficient, and sap the phone’s most valuable commodities: battery life, space and efficiency

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa: Consumer spending on mobile apps reached $170 billion in 2021 according to App Annie’s newly released “State of Mobile 2022″ report, seeing 230 billion apps downloaded worldwide in 2021, setting another record.

As phones become more accessible and data costs start to decrease in Africa, smart devices rapidly extended beyond social and communication tools and into gaming consoles and business hubs.

The challenge is that many apps are clunky, inefficient, and sap the phone’s most valuable commodities: battery life, space and efficiency.

Popular file-sharing, content streaming and gaming app SHAREit has seen around 20 million monthly active users in South Africa, forming a full on-the-ground partnership with PerformDM Africa, with offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town and offering a suite of services and functions across gaming, content discovery and file sharing.

Optimisation is a necessity to attract and retain users. Besides the high-speed file sharing feature, SHAREit helps its users to save memory space on their devices by eliminating the need to download other tool apps.

The additional features of the app include Phone Cleaner, Phone Booster, Battery Saver, File Manager and Game Resource Files Transfer – all targeted to provide an optimised smartphone experience to the users.

Karam Malhotra, Partner and Global Vice-President at SHAREit Group said: “Smartphones are an indispensable part of life for most people and SHAREit has created even more ways to enhance our daily lives.

“Our additional features help users get the most out of their smartphone without the hassle of downloading multiple apps, so they can connect, create and explore the way they want.”

The “One App, Many Solutions” brings together multiple tools required to optimise the mobile experience, enabling users to be more productive.

SHAREit consolidates all the files of the phone under one umbrella and helps users manage them in a more convenient and seamless way. The file manager feature browses mobile phone storage and SD card and helps to find, manage, move or delete files as per the users’ requirements.

The mobile devices slow down and get filled up with unnecessary files over time, requiring a deep and thorough clean-up to keep the performance smooth like a new device.

The Phone Cleaner feature helps to clean junk and cache like advertisements, duplicates and oversized files and release more storage space, whilst supporting direct cleaning of cache files of WhatsApp.

While other cleaning software may need to select the redundant files one by one, SHAREit can scan more garbage, clean large files, duplicate pictures – with one click.

Gamers want a smooth and immersive gaming experience that requires multiple files – SHAREit is redefining the gaming experience by letting users transfer game apps to friends, along with the corresponding skin package and game upgrade package.

This removes the need to download the Game Resource Files again so that gamers can simply click to open and play the game.

Another feature is a phone booster which retrieves and shuts down background applications, frees up memory space and prevents the phone from heating up, resulting in a refined smartphone experience.

Additionally, a battery saver function finds and closes the phone’s power-consuming apps to improve battery life.

The robust set of tools is expected to benefit billions of SHAREit users in more than 150 countries. SHAREit values its user’s requirements and the app ensures to provide a better file sharing experience and other useful features to help users stay connected and efficient.

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