As the biggest wind power project in Africa, Kenya’s Lake Turkana Wind Power plays a significant role in adding to Kenya’s ambition towards its renewable energy targets.

NAIROBI, Kenya: The Ministry of Energy Government of Kenya’s attention has been drawn to a statement attributed to the Lake Turkana Wind Power (LTWP) regarding its firm stand against the ongoing power tariff negotiations.

According to the Ministry’s statement issued on Friday, this LTWP’s posture and seeming unwillingness to support the ongoing power tariff negotiations comes as a surprise to the Ministry of Energy especially given the large scale size of the project, its impact at a national level, as well as to the communities that host it.

As the biggest wind power project in Africa, the Ministry said, LTWP plays a significant role in adding to Kenya’s ambition towards its renewable energy targets. With an installed capacity of 310MW, LTWP accounts for 17% of the total installed power, and has the capacity to power up to one million homes. One million homes who also deserve, in line with government aspirations, affordable energy.

The Ministry further said that having delivered an initial 15% reduction in power tariffs through across-government measures, the delivery of the second tranche of the 15% power reductions, from the renegotiation of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) is not only a strategic objective but an imperative for the growth of Kenya’s economy.

The Ministry of Energy said, “The Government of Kenya is committed to delivering reduced costs of energy to drive Kenya’s improved global competitiveness and to reduce the cost of living for its citizens. This is undoubtedly an endeavor that resonates with all stakeholders of good will.

“From the beginning of the reform process in general and the renegotiation of PPAs, the Government has and continues to act in a transparent manner. We have engaged all Independent Power Producers in open discussions, clarifying both our intent and modality. We have demonstrated goodwill towards all investors in the sector and expect reciprocity of the same by all investors, including LTWP.”

According to the Ministry, understanding the range of interests involved we are engaging across all stakeholders including with the Financiers in an effort to build comfort and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

“We can confirm and welcome the strong support for this process from across the board. We are confident that the management, shareholders and financiers of all our investors are able to balance financial returns with their mandates and sustainability principles that each espouses. The Government of Kenya is committed to improving the lives of its citizens and will continue to pursue all available avenues to deliver on this sovereign mandate.”

Lead photo: Lake Turkana Wind Power (LTWP) plant in Turkana County, Northern Kenya. Photo: Africa Investor


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