New Platform will allow jobseekers to book appointments with HR Managers at top companies

LAGOS, Nigeria: Africa’s leading CV-building platform, Reventify, has announced the upcoming launch of new job seeking platform, HR Connect ( The platform, which will be launched in October 2021, allows jobseekers to build professional relationships and seek advice from HR Managers at large corporations or start-ups directly.

Earlier in the year, Reventify ( launched a Smart CV builder to help jobseekers create their perfect CVs for each job within 10 minutes. Using the platform’s pre-written sentence starters to list work experience and career summaries, the resume creation process is fast and mobile-friendly.

Reventify’s CV templates are modelled after formats that HR Managers most prefer. The templates were created by surveying several HR Managers across different industries and incorporating feedback based on specific hiring criteria. Within the platform, users also have access to “expert insights”, a feature that provides guidance on how to better structure their content, and what to include on their CV. There is also a built-in spelling and grammar function to keep CVs grammatically correct and error-free.

Though a flawless CV is integral to a successful job seeking process, Reventify wanted to bridge the gap between another essential step in achieving one’s dream job, that is, building a professional network.

“HR Connect by Reventify ( eliminates the years it would normally take for jobseekers to get an audience with hiring managers or secure an interview.” Said the site’s Founders. “It also makes job search as easy and as seamless as possible by having HR Managers provide career planning and job coaching services in a one-to-one virtual setting.”

Through informational mock interviews with HR professionals at leading companies, jobseekers can get insights on career prospects in different industries. They can also build relationships with hiring managers who can refer them to job positions or give advice that can help them in the hiring process.

Participating in mock interviews with a company insider can also help individuals prepare for an upcoming interview. HR Connect will connect job seekers to HR Managers who have either worked at the particular company the jobseeker is interested in or a similar company.

In October of 2021, HR Connect will launch in 5 African countries: Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, and Egypt, before expanding to other markets in Q1 2022.

Jobseekers can book one-on-one virtual sessions with hiring managers by creating a quick profile on the platform. After the jobseeker selects their primary reason for wanting to connect with a hiring manager, they pick up to 3 dates and time options, upload a CV, and make payment.  A booking confirmation will follow acceptance from the HR Manager.

Seun Oyediran, one of the Platform’s Co-Founders, noted that “having a great CV along with the right coaching and network increases the odds of landing a great job by 4x. “This was our motivation for realizing our vision with HR Connect.”

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