• The new model of co-shared space reflects the shift to digital banking by consumers and the transformation of traditional branches to advisory centres
  • The new model is serviced by a universal banker and state of the art digital platforms – ATM, ipads, phone banking 
  • Universal Banker is a new model where a bank representative undergoes a training on all facets of banking and can therefore attend to a cross session of client needs. 50 staff have undergone and graduated from the Universal banking model

NAIROBI, Kenya: Standard Chartered Bank, has today launched its first co-shared space with ArtCaffe.

The Co-Shared space at Britam Centre, Upper Hill will provide a 24×7 service that include Mobile Express Banking, State-of-art ATMs, phone banking services, electronic cheque andcash deposit all in a luxurious ambience.

The centre will be managed by Universal Banker. Universal Banker is a new model where a bank staff are upskilled on all  facets of banking and can therefore attend to a cross session of client needs.

50 staff have undergone and graduated from the Universal banking model

The services in these centres will include:

1. Sales & Advisory Services in a relaxed ambiance

2. Self-Service support – deposit cheques, cash and withdraw cash at the ATM machines

3. Digital Self-Service support through iPads

4. A trained bank representative to handle a cross section of banking  requests

The “Sales & Service Centres” will be set up in proximity to customers’ homes and offices thus enhancing Standard Chartered’s reach and physical presence as part of its distribution optimisation strategy.

Speaking during the launch, Standard Chartered Bank CEO, Kariuki Ngari said: “As more branch traffic shifts to digital, banking providers have a massive opportunity to reinvent the fundamental role of the brick-and-mortar channel.

“By innovatively leveraging technology solutions, Standard Chartered’s Sales & Service Centre make everyday banking products and services available down your street. The Centres are strategically located in proximity of where our customers predominantly live and work, thus making us more accessible and visible to our customers.”

According to Standard Chartered Head of Consumer, Private and Business Banking Edith Chumba, the Bank’s model has always been relationship focused, with the aim of providing a whole gamut of services to customers and not stop at one.

“In an effort to enrich the relationship that the Bank shares with its customers, the new distribution channel combines the Bank’s world class digital banking capabilities with excellent face to face service to make banking fast, friendly and accessible to Customers. We promise to give you more than just cash in a comfortable and luxurious environment” Edith adds.

Sagi Vaknin, CEO of the Artcaffé Group, said: “At Artcaffé, we are always looking for innovative, new and relevant ways to reach our customers, and to create beautiful and welcoming spaces and inspiring experiences. We’re very excited to partner with SCB at our newest and biggest branch at Britam Tower, where customers can now enjoy delicious Artcaffé meals and drinks while seeking financial services.

“Our Britam branch is also a new meeting place and networking hub Upper Hill, where our customers will be able to host corporate events of up to 500 people. This new branch is a demonstration of our agility and diversification in a recently tough climate, and is a fantastic new addition to the growing Artcaffé family and series.”

In the first phase, Standard Chartered will also roll out other sales and service centres at Junction, Sarit Centre, Village Market, Kitengela and a co-shared space with ArtCaffé in Nanyuki.

This is line with the bank’s strategy which seeks to leverage on technology to make services more efficient and readily accessible through alternative channels away from the traditional brick and mortar. In the last the last 2 years, the bank has recorded a 29% decline in footfall within its branches as majority of clients moving to alternate channels.

Sagi Vaknin, CEO of the Artcaffé Group ( Left), Edith Chumba, Standard Chartered Head of Consumer, Private and Business Banking( Middle) and Kariuki Ngari, Standard Chartered Bank CEO ( Right) cut a cake in celebration of the bank’s first co shared branch design with ArtCaffé.


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