for the Continent’s premier energy event, promotes natural gas, public-private partnerships across Southern Africa

Under the terms of the partnership, SAOGA members will be offered a 10% discount on delegate passes and sponsorship packages, with the organization promoting the event to its members and key stakeholders

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa: The South African Oil & Gas Alliance (SAOGA) – the umbrella body for the South African oil and gas industry – has entered into an official partnership with Africa’s premier energy event, African Energy Week (AEW) 2021, taking place in Cape Town on November 9-12. The strategic partnership affirms the value of AEW 2021 for Africa’s energy sector and generates critical networking and engagement opportunities for both SAOGA members and the African energy industry at-large. 

Under the terms of the partnership, AEW 2021 will offer SAOGA members a 10% discount on delegate passes and sponsorship packages, driving participation from regional African states and companies. The discount will not only increase member attendance of and participation in the four-day event, but also open up significant networking and engagement opportunities with global stakeholders to accelerate Africa’s energy deals. In turn, SAOGA will promote AEW 2021 to its members, fostering discussions on the need for Africa-driven narratives and the role that AEW 2021 will play in advancing the African energy industry.

SAOGA has left its footprint on both the national and regional oil and gas industry, with notable activities taking place across Southern Africa. The organization is tasked with serving the interests of the energy industry across upstream, midstream and downstream sectors, aiming to promote opportunities and drive investment across the entire energy value chain. With a keen focus on exploration – particularly regarding onshore (Karoo) and offshore in South Africa – SAOGA aims to unite investors with the country’s emerging oil and gas prospects. The organization has been instrumental in promoting the role that natural gas will play in Africa’s energy future. By facilitating projects such as South Africa’s LNG-to-power development, the organization aims to position natural gas as a viable energy source and power supply for the region.

Meanwhile, SAOGA serves as a bridge between the public and private sector, receiving critical finance needed to carry out a range of development activities. The organization not only introduces local companies to vital financing solutions, but also pushes for an enabling environment that will allow its members to attract investors and supply the industry with the necessary services. SAOGA “works actively with government and parastatal entities to ensure that public policy and infrastructure supports a competitive environment for upstream and midstream suppliers.” By bringing members to AEW 2021 in Cape Town, SAOGA will support the formation of public-private partnerships across the Southern Africa energy industry, promoting the deals that will shape the region’s energy future and emphasizing the value of a conducive business climate.

“SAOGA represents one of South Africa’s most influential oil and gas organizations. By bringing its members to AEW 2021 in Cape Town, and driving a strong discussion on the value of an enabling environment, the role of natural gas in Africa, and the effectiveness of public-private partnerships in spurring Africa’s energy growth, SAOGA will serve as a valuable partner to the event. We look forward to hosting the organization’s members, and we anticipate that the event will enable deals to be made and partnerships to be formed to position Africa as a global energy competitor,” stated NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber. 

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