Confirms as keynote speaker at African Energy Week in Cape Town

African Energy Week (AEW) 2021 in Cape Town is dedicated to enhancing international-Africa relations

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa: Emphasizing the value of geophysical operations in ensuring predictability, enhancing efficiency, and driving investment, Nikki Martins will open a critical discussion on industry alignment and partnerships at African Energy Week in Cape Town.

African Energy Week (AEW) 2021 in Cape Town is dedicated to enhancing international-Africa relations in a bid to dramatically boost knowledge-sharing, multilateral partnerships, and accelerated industry growth. On the back of several other American VIP speaker confirmations, Nikki Martins, President of the International Association of Geophysical Contractors (IAGC), has been confirmed as a keynote speaker at AEW 2021 in Cape Town. Providing an opening address at AEW 2021, Martins will emphasize the value of the geophysical and exploration industry, opening a critical discussion on the role of geophysical technology in advancing industry success and ensuring demand is met, and of regulatory and fiscal certainty in mitigating risk and enhancing participation.  

Based in Houston, Texas, the IAGC is a member oriented, global trade association that provides geophysical and exploration services to the global oil and gas industry. The company specializes in geophysical data acquisition, processing and interpretation, as well as seismic data ownership and licensing. With over 50 member countries and companies worldwide, the IAGC is committed to fostering productive and efficient energy exploration in a bid to drive associated socio-economic growth.

As the President of the IAGC, Martins is responsible for the company’s global organization, ensuring the execution of activities in a way that optimizes the business and regulatory climate and enhances public understanding, in a bid to support a strong, viable geophysical and exploration industry. The IAGC’s membership includes onshore and offshore survey operators and acquisition companies, data and processing providers, exploration and production companies, geophysical equipment and software manufacturers, industry suppliers, geoscience consultants, and health, safety and environmental service providers. By working closely with governments and international stakeholders, the IAGC aims to assist member countries in discovering and delivering their energy resources, and will promote the freedom to operate, industry alignment, and accelerated value creation at AEW 2021.

Additionally, the IAGC emphasizes the role of geophysical technologies in advancing African oil and gas exploration. According to the organization, such technologies will reduce cost, increase safety, and minimize exploratory impact to the environment while ensuring industry activities meet the world’s growing energy demand. By promoting technology, and opening up a channel for engagement and deal-making, the IAGC will not only contribute, but essentially drive Africa’s energy growth at AEW 2021 in Cape Town.

“The IAGC is a particularly valuable partner for African countries as the organization is committed to ensuring the effective exploitation of oil and gas resources. By providing critical knowledge, technology, and geophysical and exploration solutions to member countries and companies, the organization will be a key driver in the global oil and gas industry. In addition to opening a productive discussion on the role of data acquisition, processing and interpretation, the IAGC firmly believes in effective and progressive policies that align with market objectives. Martins will promote the geophysical and exploration industry at AEW 2021 and will offer stakeholders valuable insight into the industry,” stated NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber.

Meanwhile, Martins is a strong advocate for strong industry relationships – particularly regarding international and regional trade associations. By utilizing partnerships as a tool to streamline energy sector activities, companies and countries can initiate industry effectiveness and efficiency, increasing socio-economic growth in the process. The IAGC emphasizes the value of progressive regulatory framework and government policies, in which geophysical data acquisition remains a key and inclusive factor. By establishing policies that promote exploration and geophysical data acquisition throughout the lifetime of the asset, and ensure both regulatory and fiscal certainty, Africa can significantly enhance international investment, driving associated growth and positioning the continent as a global energy leader.

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