With oil and gas remaining integral in the transition to a low carbon future

Afentra is focused on leading the responsible, development-focused energy transition in Africa and will promote the role of hydrocarbons in Africa’s energy future in Cape Town

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa: In pursuit of African Energy Week (AEW) 2021’s agenda to promote an Africa-centric and adapted energy transition, African Energy Transition Plc’s (Afentra) Chief Operating Officer Ian Cloke [pictured] will join an elite panel of speakers at AEW 2021 in Cape Town on the 9th-12th of November. Cloke will drive a strong discussion on the need for a responsible energy transition in Africa, one in which social-economic development and the oil and gas industry are at the forefront of the continent’s shift to a low carbon future.

Focused on Africa’s economic development, Cloke is a strong advocate for the role of oil and gas, and with his newly re-branded and re-focused company Afentra, has offered a critical solution to African markets experiencing the gradual departure of international oil companies (IOC). As many oil majors scale back on their hydrocarbon activities in Africa, and the international community repositions capital channels to renewable energy resources, Afentra has recognized a unique opportunity in the African energy landscape, whereby the company will step in as a credible partner for oil and gas companies and host governments, taking over assets from oil majors who have divested from the industry.

With oil majors looking to exit the industry in the wake of the global energy transition, Afentra emphasizes the value of oil and gas in Africa as a catalyst for accelerated and sustainable socio-economic growth, and has positioned itself to “access, redevelop and unleash the full potential of existing producing fields or undeveloped discoveries that no longer fit the portfolio of major companies,” as stated on their website https://bit.ly/3BixU9t. Capitalizing on the departure of IOCs, Afentra seeks the transfer of assets from IOCs to the company, in which Afentra will employ its deep industry knowledge to optimize and extend productivity.

The company is dedicated to managing oil and gas assets in Africa responsibly by ensuring profitable outcomes while reducing carbon emissions. By emphasizing the role of hydrocarbons in Africa’s energy future, Cloke is committed to the continent’s socio-economic development, and will be a key and valuable partner for African governments and private sector stakeholders.

“Afentra represents the kind of company that will drive Africa’s energy future. Rather than abandon hydrocarbons in the move to a greener energy future, Afentra recognizes how African oil and gas can serve as a major driver of sustainable socio-economic development. Africa needs oil, and companies such as Afentra will enable the continent to fully take advantage of its significant resource base. We are excited for the productive discussion that Ian Cloke will drive at AEW 2021 in Cape Town, and are committed to providing the most suitable networking platform for deal-making that will enhance Africa’s energy growth,” stated NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber.

Afentra is an upstream operator focused on African opportunities. Focusing predominantly on proven hydrocarbon basins where fields have already been discovered and/or are already producing, the company aims to fill the fossil fuel operator gap created by the move towards cleaner fuels. By emphasizing the role that oil and gas continues to play in Africa’s energy future, particularly regarding the continent’s rapidly rising demand attributed to its young, fast-growing population, the company is committed to maintaining hydrocarbon project output in a responsible and low carbon way. Cloke will not only emphasize the value of hydrocarbons in Africa at AEW 2021 in Cape Town, but will showcase fundamental opportunities for African stakeholders, leveraging the event’s deal-making and engagement opportunities to build long-term and meaningful relationships with key partners.

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