Here’s to the best bits of 2021 and to a brighter 2022

NAIROBI, Kenya: In just under 10 months of operation, Smart Africa Media has published and amplified over 1,400 pro-development and success stories touching on key sectors of the economy across 50 countries in Africa and the Diaspora, attracting over 10,000 monthly online audience. 

From Africa’s key markets surviving the COVID-19 pandemic and Corporate Funding Opportunities for Entrepreneurs and SMEs, to Strategic Partnerships and deal-making and challenging the Negative Perceptions of Africa, here’s to the best bits of 2021 and to a brighter 2022.

15. SMART IN-DEPTH: How Africa’s key industrial markets performed in 2021 despite COVID-19 pandemic

14. SMART CORPORATE: Here are 25 best African Banks in Top 1000 World Banks ranking 2021

13. SMART ENTERPRISE: Smart Africa Media eyes Strategic Partners in its New Year growth drive

12. SMART ZAMBIA: A conversation with Kazhila Chinsembu – a Full Professor of Molecular Biology and Drug Discovery

11. SMART NGO: Inside APSP’s plan to amplify Child Sensitive Social Protection Programmes in Africa

10. SMART ZIMBABWE: Here are practical ideas on how best to revive the country’s economy

9. SMART STARTUP: Inside Jack Ma’s $1.5mn grant funding opportunity for African entrepreneurs, SMEs

8. SMART PARTNERSHIP: Smart Africa secures media partnership for the African Energy Week in Cape Town

7. SMART IN-DEPTH: Inside Safaricom, the most valuable company in East Africa – Infographics

6. SMART TECHNOLOGY: Why mechanization is a game-changer in Kenya’s tea sector – James Finlay

5. NICOLAS POMPIGNE-MOGNARD: APO Group and Getty Images deal is a great opportunity to challenge the negative perceptions of Africa

4. SMART DIASPORA: Inside plans to establish a new County for Kenyans in Diaspora

3. SMART PARTNERSHIP: Former US President Barack Obama joins NBA Africa as strategic partner

2. TRACY WALAKIRA N: Meet young Ugandan Account Director at APO Group – changing Africa’s story narrative

1. SMART BOTSWANA: How a Ugandan orphan refugee girl turned her misfortune into success, now wants to be MP


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