Ruling will propel company into automotive EV and AI sectors

FLORIDA, United States of America — Global Digital Solutions, Inc. (GDSI) [] (OTC: GDSI) [], a company that is positioning itself as a leader in Automotive and Aviation Technology Solutions, has received the decision from the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida regarding the case against Grupo Rontan Electro Metalurgica, S.A., Joao Alberto Bolzan and Jose Carlos Bolzan.

The decision awards Global Digital Solutions Specific Performance (Rights to Rontan Metalurgica) and incidental damages of $192,448,000.

Order on damages:

William Delgado, CEO and Chairman of GDSI, said, “We are very pleased to announce that our ongoing legal complaint against Rontan Metalurgica and the Bolzan brothers has been decided. Our legal team of William Isaacson, Carlos Sires and James Grippando has done a fantastic job steering this through a very complex legal process.

The GDSI team looks forward to expanding into the electric vehicle and automotive artificial intelligence sectors in the coming months. We also expect to announce additional acquisitions and partnerships in our Aviation Technology group. We look forward to providing detailed updates to the marketplace in the coming weeks as our near-term strategy is put into place with our attorneys, business partners and potential banking relationships.”

Automotive Technology

The Company intends to leverage our experience gained from engineering and assembly of mobile command centers through its NACSV subsidiary into the vastly expanding Electric Vehicle (EV) and Automotive Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector. Although we do not intend to become a full-service manufacturer, we believe that we have the ability to provide support to the industry through parts, service, logistics, and software development. We also expect to rely on our AI partner, Consolidated Ocean Technology, Inc (COT) for work in this area.

Aviation Technology

The Company has continued its development of the PALS system in 2020. We have conducted preliminary flight testing and expect to announce additional flight testing after the first of the year. We also have been working with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and selected OEMS to incorporate the system into their respective flight protocols. Development has been somewhat slowed due to the Covid-19 situation. We expect activity to pick up in 2021. The Company is also looking at other uses for the PALS technology, specifically as it relates to noise abatement and flow control. We are also continuing to look for additional aviation technologies that we may acquire in the future to augment our offerings.

Global Digital Solutions, Inc. ( (OTC:GDSI) [], a company that is positioning itself as a leader in Automotive and Aviation Technology Solutions, continues to enhance shareholder value in these areas. We currently operate an Aviation Technology group focused on low visibility and airspace congestion safety. The Company expects to add significantly through acquisitions and partnerships additional capabilities in EV and Automotive AI technologies. For more information about GDSI, visit


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